Why You Should Avoid DIY Fixing Your Plumbing

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fix Your Plumbing Yourself

Things like a leaky faucet, clogged toilet, or clogged shower drain seem like small and easy plumbing problems you can quickly fix yourself. Many homeowners attempt to repair their plumbing on their own to avoid calling for help from a professional plumber. But what happens when you attempt to fix your plumbing and the problem only gets worse?

Here’s why you should avoid turning your plumbing problem into a DIY project.

You Can Create a Water Leak

If your faucets and toilets are showing signs of low water pressure, you may feel the urge to go ahead and try to release more water through the water valve or get water through your pipes another way.

There are several causes of low water pressure, and if you try to fix it yourself, you can cause your pipes to leak. The best way to find the reason behind low water pressure is to contact your local plumber to fix the problem.

You Can Damage Other Parts of Your Home

One wrong move in one area with your plumbing can create a disaster for the rest of your home. If you use improper techniques or tools, it can cause a negative impact on more than just your plumbing system. For example, if your pipes burst, as a result, your walls, ceilings, and floors can be severely damaged and the extra moisture can cause mold growth.

You Can Hurt Yourself

Plumbing is no easy job, and most plumbing professionals spend years training in order to avoid accidents and harming themselves. Precautions should always be taken when using tools and during exposure to mold and asbestos or foreign debris and chemicals.

For even the smallest job, you should always contact a plumber to examine and fix any plumbing problem for your own safety. Just give A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call and we will happily help you fix any problems related to your home’s plumbing! Reach us at (978) 350-5522 to schedule an appointment.