How to Shut off Your Main Water Line

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All of the fresh water that enters your home or business must pass through a main water line. This line usually runs in the ground outside of the building, and it is controlled by a main water valve — adjusting this valve can stop the entire flow of water.

In some situations, knowing where the valve is and stopping the flow of water quickly can prevent serious property damage and expensive water waste. Do you know where your home’s main water valve is?

When to Shut Off Your Home’s Main Water Supply

When your toilet is overflowing, you may know to adjust the water supply valve mounted on the wall behind the toilet. However, what do you do to stop the flow of water when a pipe has ruptured in the wall, when the hot water heater is damaged or when the tub is leaking? Because the main valve can stop the flow of water into the house, adjusting it during these situations can be a crucial move.

There are other instances when it makes sense to turn off the water supply to your home — for example, during a home remodel or if you’re going away on vacation. After all, pipes can rupture at any time, so if you plan to be away from your home for more than a few days, turning off the water supply can help you to avoid returning to a flooded mess.

How to Locate the Main Water Valve

The main water valve’s location can vary from home to home, and ideally, you’ll want to locate it now before an emergency situation arises.

Some water valves are located in utility boxes in the yard while others are mounted in the basement or crawlspace. You may also find a main water valve near the hot water heater or close to the foundation outside the home.

If you need help locating your water valve, we’d be happy to help!

How to Shut Off the Main Water Valve

Once you have located the main water valve, turning it off should be a breeze! The two main types of controls are a knife-style lever and a turning knob. Simply adjust the lever or knob to the ”off” position. Then, turn on your kitchen or bathroom faucet. Water will remain in the pipes after the main water valve has been adjusted, so you will need to allow time for the water to drain fully by running the faucet for several minutes. Eventually, the flow of water will slow and stop.

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