Why It’s Important to Change Your Air Filters

Clean and dirty air filter

Air filters are the most important part of your defense against poor indoor air quality. As HVAC specialists, we most often assist our customers by ensuring their homes can maintain comfortable temperatures. However, often our customers don’t even realize that they need our help with their indoor air quality. In this blog, we’ll explain why switching out your air filters regularly can make such a big difference for your home.

What Air Filters Protect You From

Air pollutants exacerbate allergy problems and make your home feel stuffy. We sometimes even see physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and congestion that can be associated with poor indoor air quality. We mention all this because your air filters are the number one way you can defend yourself from the pollutants that cause poor indoor air quality.

Why You Need to Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Your air filters stop these pollutants in their tracks by trapping them. However, over time, your air filter will fill up with all that dust, pollen, and other pollutants. This prevents your air filter from continuing its job of cleaning the air and can cause pressure problems for your HVAC system. An air filter full of grime is tougher for your HVAC unit to send air through and this can make the system more inefficient.

How Often Should I Change My Filter?

We recommend switching your air filter once a month for optimal results. If you can’t keep up with that schedule, aim for every three months. If you let it wait beyond three months, you’ll start to see the bad effects of a dirty air filter start to add up.

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