Does Your Water Heater Need Repairs Or Replacement?

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We’ve all experienced it. You get in the shower and are met with shockingly cold water. You jump out of the way, but soon realize your water is not heating up—you are stuck in the all-around dreaded, cold shower. Since we have all experienced this at some point or another, we here at A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating understand just how emergent this problem is.

That’s why today, we are providing you with a toolbox of helpful water heater tips that will aid you in diagnosing your water heater malfunction. At the end of this blog, you won’t have to debate whether or not your water heater needs repairs or replacement—you’ll know.

When It’s Time To Schedule Water Heater Repairs

Your Water Is Consistently Cold

If you are experiencing perpetual cold water throughout your home, and your unit is relatively new, your heating element is simply malfunctioning. Luckily, this system part can be replaced! Contact your local plumbing professionals for your new heating element installation, and hot water will be restored throughout your home.

Your Water Pressure Is Dwindling

If your water pressure begins to dip, your water heater may be leaking. Not only does a leak in your water heating system potentially cause mold, chances of water damage, and the possibility of backflow, but a leak can be the source of your insufficient water temperature.

An inadequate water supply can be repaired; however, it is imperative that you hire a professional plumber for water heater inspection, as this malfunction can jeopardize the integrity of your plumbing network.

Your Water Is Discolored

If rusty-colored water begins to flow from your fixtures, your water heater may need a thorough cleaning. When rust forms within your water heater’s tank, your pipes can become ridden with debris, releasing contaminants into your water supply.

If you notice rust forming on the exterior of your water heater tank, there could be rust within your system as well. Have your water heater drained and cleaned, and a healthy supply of water will return.

Your System Is Noisy

Popping, banging, and clanking emanating from your water heater is a sign your water heater needs repairs. Your system likely needs some tune-ups, especially if you have not practiced annual maintenance. Once your system is flushed and all parts are secured, your water heater will begin operating as it should.

When Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

Your Unit Is Old

Water heaters are manufactured to last eight to ten years. If your unit is over ten years old, it is time for a replacement. Outdated water heaters will not only provide sub-par heating capabilities, it will cost you. Between the aged out technology and the normal wear and tear that occurs over a lifetime of use, your water heater will not operate in an efficient or optimized manner.

The number of repairs you will have to schedule will cost you more in the long run. In this case, it’s time to purchase a new system.

Your Unit Is Not Sized Properly

If your current water heater is not correctly sized for your home’s square footage or is not meeting the requirements for your personal demand, it needs to be replaced. Whether your system is too big or too small, it will not deliver your desired warm, water supply. Have a new water heater installed in order to reinstate hot showers in your home.

For your water heater repairs or replacement, contact A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. at (978) 350-5522. We know hot water matters, and we are here to ensure your home delivers.

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