Your Toilet Paper Alternatives

A pile of empty toilet rolls against a teal backdrop

As shelter-in-place orders extend, consumer behaviors continue to follow an apocalyptic trend. Essential items are flying off of supermarket shelves, as people continue stock-piling products to prevent frequent visits to public stores. From cleaning supplies to paper goods, these commonplace items become sparse. Specifically, one essential product—toilet paper.

So, if you are late to the toiler paper hoarding game, or if you are simply on your last roll, here are toilet paper substitutes that won’t harm your plumbing:

Repurpose Paper Products

If you are out of toilet paper, turn to the next best thing—toilet seat covers. Toilet seat covers are your one flushable alternative, so if you can find them, these will prove ideal and effective! Although they are thinner than your normal ply, toilet seat covers will get the job done.

If you can’t get your hands on toilet seat covers, you can use paper towels, napkins, and tissues; however, these items cannot be flushed down your plumbing, as they are not manufactured to break down in your plumbing network and will cause clogs. If you need to use one of these paper alternatives, make sure you dispose of your paper goods in your bathroom trash after use.

Install A Bidet

Although they are not widespread in the United States, bidets are commonly used throughout Europe, Asia, and South America as a way to reduce paper waste. This eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper is a great way to eliminate your need for toilet paper altogether!

This water appliance will spray water to clean the user after a trip to the bathroom! You can either purchase a bidet to add-on to your current toilet or go big and upgrade your bathroom with an all-in-one luxury toilet with bidet capabilities! Bidet installation will eliminate any worry about running out of toilet paper ever again!

Use Washable Towels

Recognizably, this is not an ideal alternative; yet, washable cloths and towels will meet your need to get clean. Using a washable alternative is a bit of work, as you will need to throw them into your laundry immediately after use; however, in a pinch—it will prove better than nothing.

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