The Truth About Chemical Drain Cleaners

A clean drain with water going down it

Listen, we here at A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating get it. Drains can clog often, and you don’t always want to call a professional plumber to come to resolve your clog, especially when you are in a hurry to restore your drainage. However, waiting for a trained technician to remove your hairball or food blockage, will be well worth your while, as turning to liquid drain cleaners can cause more harm than good.

Although liquid drain cleaners may appear to resolve your clog, they will likely harm your plumbing in the process. These solutions are oftentimes hazardous as they have high traces of chemical compounds. Here’s why it is time to clear your home of these drain cleaning solutions:

They Compromise Indoor Air Quality

As soon as you open your bottle of drain cleaner, toxic fumes are released. These fumes carry chemicals that can lead to respiratory distress, ocular irritation, and mucous membrane harm with repeated exposure. Ventilation will decrease your chances of affecting your health; however, it does not eliminate the threat. Once toxins become airborne, they linger in your home. This will compromise your indoor air quality and threaten your environment.

They Can Cause Bodily Harm

The common store-bought drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid. This compound can cause severe skin burns if it comes in contact with your person. And, as we all know, accidents can happen.

Drain cleaning causes over 3,000 injuries per year. Even a bit of splashback can cause harm, so it is best to leave your drain cleaning efforts to the professionals.

They Will Harm Your Plumbing

As drain cleaners are comprised of extremely abrasive chemicals, they can cause plumbing corrosion. These harsh substances eat through everything in their path and can cause cracks in your piping. Regardless of whether drain cleaners resolve your slow drainage issue, it will cause a myriad of subsequent problems that will prove more detrimental than the clog itself.

For professional drain cleaning in Lowell, contact A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. at (978) 350-5522. We will protect your health and your plumbing! We are continuing to practice CDC recommended guidelines and social distancing!

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