Indoor Air Quality Compromisers In Your Home

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When people say the word pollution, an image is conjured of industrial factories with clouds of fossil fuels rising out of them, or large trucks blowing black smoke from their exhaust pipes. Yet, indoor air quality is just as bad, if not worse, than outdoor pollution. So, why don’t we imagine compromised indoor air quality when the word pollution comes up? Well, what is out of sight, is generally out of mind. This theory rings true for indoor pollution, that is, until now.

We here at A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating, think it’s exceedingly important to point out the main indoor air compromisers, as we are all spending an increased amount of time, if not all of our time, at home as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. So, we are going to jump right into it! Here are the common household indoor air compromisers:

Cleaning Products

As per recent events, cleaning has become everyone’s most prudent pastime. However, some cleaning products can actually do more harm than good. Most store-bought cleaning solutions are jam-packed with chemicals and toxic substances, especially products that are artificially scented.

Fragrant cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds and other carcinogens that pose a threat to you and your family’s health. They can cause health implications ranging from respiratory issues to cancer. So, how do these items remain on the shelves of your local supermarket? The fragrance industry’s compounds are classified. Hence, the importance of replacing these scented cleaners with all-natural products! Check the label for “chemical-free” before purchasing your next cleaning solution!

Air Fresheners

We all have one of these in our bathroom, standing at attention in our cabinet, ready to cover up any lingering odors. Aerosol air fresheners will cover any unwanted smells; however, using this nifty product is costing you. Aerosol air fresheners release toxins into your air, spreading volatile organic compounds. It’s best to switch out your can of air freshener for essential oils!

Scented Candles

Most candles are made of paraffin wax, which when burned, release highly toxic benzene and toluene into your air. These are both carcinogenic and are the same type of toxin released by diesel fuel fumes. When purchasing candles make sure you stick to paraben-free products to keep your indoor air quality intact.

Lastly, it is imperative that your AC system is properly maintained, so it can work to remove any lingering toxins from your air. For professional AC maintenance and cleaning in Lowell, contact A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. at (978) 350-5522. We are here to ensure your indoor air quality is upheld. 

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