Home Heating Myths Debunked


At A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc., we want your home heating to be efficient and powerful. We’ve seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to residential HVAC and plumbing, and unfortunately, it’s so common to see homeowners hurting their own systems. We want you to succeed, so we wanted to take some time to debunk commonly held misconceptions about home heating. Here are our tips to prepare you for winter!

#1: The Higher I Set My Thermostat, The Quicker My Home Will Heat Up

The number you set your thermostat only tells the system when to turn on or off. Your HVAC units will always run on the same power. For your air conditioner, it’s typical for it to return air into your home about 20 degrees colder than the intake. Your heater can vary in power whether it’s a furnace or something else.

#2: A Space Heater Can Be Cheaper

Space heaters are becoming more popular as technology advancements allow for more powerful heat generation from smaller machines. For some people, space heaters may offer a great option, but many of the companies selling these products don’t mention some of the important information you need to know.

Before anything, you need to understand proper safety precautions if you’re considering a space heater. Don’t leave them going overnight or unattended because it could start a fire. If your space heater is too close to a tablecloth or curtains, that is another fire risk.

If you can run a space heater safely, is it worth it to rely on them for the bulk of your heating? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Space heaters use a surprisingly high amount of electricity. It likely will use more than your refrigerator and your clothes dryer. On top of that, you’re only getting heat in a small radius around the unit. Your furnace can heat your entire home much more efficiently!

#3: Closing Vents Forces Your Heater to Be More Efficient

This is an interesting theory because as HVAC professionals we want homeowners to have greater efficiency and savings from their units. We advocate for a variety of ways to do that, but unfortunately, this claim doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny. Rather, closing vents can cause harm to your ducts and cause air pressure imbalances in your home. Your HVAC system, if correctly installed, is designed to heat your entire home through your ductwork. Plugging up a vent in an unused room doesn’t change how much energy your heater is using. Instead, your system has to adapt to something it wasn’t designed for. If a closed vent ends up causing a leak in your air ducts, it could be a costly problem to repair.

What You Can Do to Boost Your Heating Efficiency Before Winter Hits

At the end of the day, it’s not enough to simply avoid these home heating myths. We also need to step up and give our systems the support they need to get through the tough winter months. The best way to do that is with a professional check-up. We can look at your home’s energy situation and set you up for sustainable success. If your unit needs repairs, it’s better to know now rather than put it off to the busy season. We’d love to give you recommendations on weatherproofing throughout your home as well. It’s so easy and can do wonders to cut down your utility bills!

If you’d like us to come to take a look at your furnace and make sure your system is ready to conquer the winter weather, contact A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. at (978) 350-5522 or fill out an online contact form!

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